Laser Scanning


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        High performance 3-D input systems combine advanced laser scanning technology and data manipulation. Using automatic four-axis adaptive scanning capabilities, our laser scanning systems provide a fast, simple, and accurate way to copy or inspect complex surfaces. By intelligently measuring sequential points along cross-sectional contours, the data output is highly organized, complete and directly interfaces to any CAD/CAM/CAE, imaging, or animation software that reads 3-D points, polylines, or a polygonal mesh. Laser scanning can be used  in a wide range of industrial and academic applications involving 3-D design, inspection, replication, analysis, visualization, and animation.


Photo courtesy Digibotics.



Using this technology, complex parts can be scanned and the information loaded into a computer system.  This data can be used to verify part dimensions against an original data file, as the input for structural analysis or as the first step in the reverse engineering process. 





3D scan data of your part in point, polyline, spline, or polygonal mesh formats.
Class-A surface models and parametric solid models in the native format of all commercially available CAD software packages.
Complete inspection reports and high-resolution color contour plots, tailored to meet statistical process control needs, for direct comparison of physical parts to the corresponding CAD models.
FEA/CFD simulation analysis studies.


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