What is Rapid Prototyping?

As the name suggests, Rapid Prototyping is a technology that allows you to create prototypes rapidly.  This technology is very cost effective and has compressed the design and development cycle from months to days.  RP provides practical solutions to the problems associated with concurrent engineering. Using RP, you can turn 3-D computer models into real parts in a matter of hours.


What can RP do for me? 

The applications of this technology are extensive. Parts can be created for a "show and tell" meeting with an important client or as a test piece to verify a design. They can be used to simplify the tooling process and they can even be used as patterns to make metal cast parts.  This technology can play a vital role in any development project and is limited only by the designer’s imagination. Call one of our experienced salespeople to see how it can help you and remember, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a model can be worth a thousand pictures. 


Who uses RP?

RP is used by a an enormous array of organizations.  RP has been used extensively in the automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer goods and electronics industries to name just a few.


What data format is used?

The majority of RP systems operate with the  STL format.  Nearly all CAD packages used today can output data using this format.  If you are uncertain if your CAD package has this capability, just call our sales office and they can help you out.


What are some of the applications of RP?

 Using the variety of technologies available at Global Rapid, we can make parts for design testing; function testing; tooling confirmation; as patterns for investment casting; as masters for RTV tooling; as short run production pieces where only a few parts are needed; in fact the applications for RP are as limitless as the imagination. 


How long does it take to get a part?

Time will vary depending on the size of the part and the technology used.  Generally our parts are shipped within 2-4 days.


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